Dreamforce 2017

My second Dreamforce is over and when I compare it to the first one, it was completely different conference. Last year I went from session to session, didn’t have time to meet many people (and reason as well), just wanted to suck as much information as possible, as I knew that I won’t have time to watch recordings.

Dreamforce on a shoestring

The buzz around Dreamforce slowly starts with call for presentations and we can expect the registration will open any time soon. It is probably already late to ask your company to send you there as the budgetting season is over, but there is still a chance and you can propose to do it really on a budget.

San Francisco za tři dny

Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz a Cable car jsou asi největší magnety, které musí vidět každý. Takže při mé nátuře je vlastně jasné, že tohle vidět nemusím. Můj plán byl tentokráte jen tak prochodit město a jít tam, kam mě nohy ponesou.

Quip or Google Drive + Slack?

I saw Quip for the first time at Dreamforce. And haven’t been impressed.

Just another simple editor. I can use Google Drive for the same for free (or included in the price of my GApps). Would I need the online chat, Slack provides just the same. Including the missing conversation threading (not anymore).