PolishDreamin – I won an award!

The community conferences poping-up around the world, PolishDreamin in Wroclav and Wir Sind Ohana in Berlin are one of them in Europe. I had the privilige to present at the former one and already looking forward to attend the later one.

Poland, country which is right next to Czechia and where I basically haven’t been yet. Yes, a few business trips to Warszawa, a few team buildings, but it is still a white area for me, so when I found about this conference I was all in. Luckily my session called „Things you didn’t know you can use in your Salesforce“ has been selected and I had a valid reason to go there.

The trip was smooth with the few final kilometers which has been blocked my farmers. Not sure why, but we had similar strike at Prague a while ago, so nothing surprising and with a half an hour delay we made it to the city center.

First impressions – Wroclav is nice city, the center is really small, river around, I immediately liked it.

Dinner for speakers with great food and chats with other people I haven’t seen in a while or ever. Drinks, music and final photo.

Morning run with Johann and then taxi to the airport, as the venue was next to it. A big hall with prepared breakfast, three rooms for presentations, one room of sponsors, roughly 400 attendees, all decorated in Salesforce styles with all the characters and a bit of „forrest“ feeling.

Sharp start and full day of interesting sessions. I had the honor to sit on a CTA pannel with Johann, Ilona, Jakub, and Chetan where we shared what it takes to pass the board and how much our lives changed since then.

My own session has been scheduled at the end of the day, exhausted people fall back into their seats and almost fall asleep. Surprisingly I’ve been able to wake them up and somehow my session has been selected as the best session of the day!

See the presentation below, suprisingly all the text has been lost when uploading to Slideshare but the images are more important anyway.

Ending words, star gala where they’ve been honoring the achievements within the Polish Salesforce ecosystem. As a Czech delegation we – sadly – agreed, that we cannot name so many different people in our bubble, somehow the Czech community is probably not that active or people are hidden without others knowing them. A bit sad.

Party, pizzas, Czech beer – it was a long night to finish this great conference. Definitely one where I want to return!

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