Tableau breakfast

Organizing events should be a piece of cake for me, after all those years of user groups, CzechDreamins, fun runs and much more. Well, organizing this customers facing breakfast was another level to achieve, but fantastic experience overall.

At first we aimed on January, which feels strange with knowing the end of fiscal for Salesforce. Naturally we quickly reschedule to March, but with all the invites and approvals it was pretty to close after the end of fiscal as well, so one more slip and we finished in April, the week after Eastern.

Understand the data is key!

Three speakers at the end, almost 50 registered attendees, about 50 % of them – as expected – made it to the event, and almost three hours later we can claim it a success. As we all agreed, one event won’t make it a success, we should repeat with other topic and again and again and eventually the market would be mature enough to get the message. That’s why we tentatively scheduled our next Actum’s breakfast to the beginning of June and the topic should be Slack the way you didn’t know it.

Michal Mravinac and the pyramid of decisions

Anyway, this breakfast was about Tableau, about the power of AI which came with the Tableau Pulse, about visualisation as it is half of the success, about the practical findings during implementation at P3 Logistic Parks. It was about comparing but also looking back to the history as Michal mentioned during his „you are 60 % below your numbers from last year“ which did hit him quite hard before he realized that last year there was one big deal.

Petr Korinek and how is Tableau helping them

We spoke about the comparison between Salesforce operational reporting and Tableau’s drill down possibilities, about maps, dynamic filters and much more.

Would that be something of interest for you? Let me know and happy to introduce you to our great data team.

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