Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certification

Just over Christmas period a new certification hit Webassessor – the Nonprofit Cloud Consultant. Sadly I wasn’t one of those who were invited into the beta, so it was first thing on my list for January. It is really great to see this exam, as it shows the importance of NPSP and that Salesforce is really dedicatedRead More…

Identity and Access Management Designer Certification

Last certification to complete mine Salesforce Certified System Architect part of the CTA pyramid. And one which I was scared about, as I heard horror stories. No one died because of it – most likely – but the topic is pretty narrow and if Salesforce has to come up with 70+ questions, they must be pretty detailed.Read More…

Become a Lightning Champion

My love/hate relationship with Lightning slowly moved more to the loving side. At the end of last year I even set a goal for myself for this year to migrate as many clients as possible to Lightning. So far so good, it doesn’t go as quickly as I hoped for but I like the progress so far. At theRead More…

Certified Pardot Consultant

Další konzultantská certifikace za pasem, bohužel až na druhý pokus, což mi slušně pošramotilo sebevědomí. Stejně jako předchozí certifikace (Sales a Service Cloud) i tato byla hodně svázaná s praxí a já si uvědomil, že by se zákazníci měli ptát nejenom zda je člověk certifikován, ale zda má i ten potřebný přesah do marketingu.

Community Cloud Consultant certification

September 1, 2016 – the very first day you were able to attend Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant certification and pay for it. I wasn’t able to make it as no free slots were available.
A few days latter I got the chance and passed. Was it hard or easy to pass, as you need just 57 % pass rate? How did I study, what are my experiences?