See you at Dreamforce

Dreamforce is getting closer and closer, it sold out about a month ago, agenda builder will go live soon (as everyone hope) and there will be a list of maybe 3000 sessions to choose from.

How to choose? Hard to say, someone says that key notes aren’t important as they will be recorded, other say that it is super awesome to experience them. I would definitely go to as many as possible road map sessions, as they are always awesome to watch and aren’t recorded. A lot of content is also available in different lodges and the sponsor area is not to be missed.

Last year I heard one advice to spend each day at different location, so you don’t have to walk much and it will shape your view based on what is available there. I usually like to walk a lot and criss cross the whole area several times a day. After all it is just about 10 minutes across the whole area when you rush a bit. Picking some mix of admin, business and development topics.

Swag will be different in each location, last year I’ve been surprised how quickly they ran out of hoodies at Moscone West, so it should be your first stop to pass the whole trail, which will be probably prepared there.

This year I signed up for a few more activities, so I plan to do some presentation about reports at Moscone West on Tuesday and help you boost productivity with quick actions on Wednesday. And on Friday, as a wrap up of the whole Dreamforce, I have a session about Salesforce DX for Accidental Admin, happy to see you there.

See you there!

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