CzechDreamin is around the corner – do you have your ticket?

The situation begin to be hectic as we are getting closer to the event. We sorted out the speakers (check the whole agenda on our website), still playing around whom will be the keynote speaker (finger crossed), looking for additional sponsors to help us cover the costs (can you be one of them?) but mainly looking for attendees at the moment, which means YOU!

A few things we did for the first time ever, the promotional video below is one of them. We had fun, so hopefully you’ll appreciate it as well.

There will be some relaxing activities as well, obviously coffee and tea. Especially the tea stand was a success every year so we will repeat it this time as well.

Speaking about the agenda I have no clue what to see myself again. This we were able to squeze in some „softer“ presentations – 7 deadly sins of project management, powerful start to any project, secret sause for success, equality, Figma training or how to overcome disengagement, disorientation, and distraction.

We didn’t skip the heavier topics – Data Cloud data modeling (sounds almost weird sentence with so many „data“ in), intricacies of data access, data security with Event monitoring, publicly available flows and why screen flows are the hero of Salesforce.

Admins will find somethings as well – basics of SOQL, how to hire the right person (or rather what is usually behind the scene), how to measure adoption (and improve it), how is CPQ different to standard Sales Cloud and when you need it, backups and why they aren’t the same, AI or usability.

We also have plenty for marketers. Tips for SSJS development, great browser extensions, AMPScript (a session from Salesforce Instructor!), cookies, Pardot aka Account Engagement.

All in all, there is something for everyone. Obviously meeting people from all over the world is already included, you just need to find the time during the day to do so. And something optional is getting ready for the Saturday as well, so when planning your trip don’t leave too soon.

Get your tickets while they last and see you at Prague! May 17th is the date this year.

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