Dreamforce 2017 Global Gathering

This was huge – two weeks ago the Salesforce User Group and Developer Group got together to share news from Dreamforce. About 60 people arrived to Impact Hub to learn more about new things, visions and practical information.

We started with introduction of everyone and why they didn’t attend Dreamforce. You can name the reasons: it is expensive, company didn’t send me, didn’t know about it. One great – I rather hope to go to TrailheaDX (end of March, registration is open).

Four speakers did their best to transfer the knowledge and feeling from this event – big thanks to Sváťa Sejkora, Tomáš Hnízdil and Honza Malý.

It isn’t important what they were talking about, important is what people remember, so I asked.

  • Reports Deluxe aka custom report types, why are they important and what are their benefits,
  • Bulk API 2.0, which support (by default) import of 100 millions of records per 24-hours period,
  • Lightning Report Builder – you really have to switch it on in your instance, migrate users and start using it, super cool,
  • that you can save a lot by staying in a hostel, so Dreamforce isn’t that expensive,
  • you need a plan how to conquer (or survive?) Dreamforce,
  • Trailhead everywhere,
  • Einstein Discovery means that you don’t need another data analyst,
  • there is a difference between ! and # in Lightning Components,
  • Lightning Data Services saves a lot of work and improve how the app works,
  • Platform events might be useful,
  • Illuminated Cloud rocks,
  • TD Bank made Salesforce their mission critical application,
  • Dreamforce is something I should really attend.

Big THANK YOU to the User Group support team, all those swags and materials we got and could use for out meeting!

Presentations are available, hope to see you at the end of February for our user group about reporting.

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