What I learnt on my way to Dreamforce

Everyone is busy writing their summary of Dreamforce ’18, but I learnt a lot on my way there as well. This was my first Dreamforce to which I brought my laptop, so I used this opportunity to download a lot of videos to it before my flight. Usually I hate videos – they are slow to go through, I cannot quickly skipRead More…

Podzimní Salesforce akce v Praze

Dnes startuje v San Franciscu Dreamforce, ale už příští měsíc se mají na co těšit i ti, kteří raději zůstanou v naší kotlině. V úterý 16. října nás čeká Basecamp na Žofíně. Slova Basecamp a Žofín mi moc nejdou dohromady, ale snad to bude skvělé. Přednášky partnerů, vize Salesforce, 4. průmyslová revoluce, AI, marketing. Bude to celé spíš o obchodu a marketingu, aleRead More…

See you at Dreamforce

Dreamforce is getting closer and closer, it sold out about a month ago, agenda builder will go live soon (as everyone hope) and there will be a list of maybe 3000 sessions to choose from. How to choose? Hard to say, someone says that key notes aren’t important as they will be recorded, other say that itRead More…

Dreamforce 2017 Global Gathering

This was huge – two weeks ago the Salesforce User Group and Developer Group got together to share news from Dreamforce. About 60 people arrived to Impact Hub to learn more about new things, visions and practical information.

Dreamforce 2017

My second Dreamforce is over and when I compare it to the first one, it was completely different conference. Last year I went from session to session, didn’t have time to meet many people (and reason as well), just wanted to suck as much information as possible, as I knew that I won’t have time to watch recordings.