Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate

The latest Salesforce certification done!

Marketing Associate certified

And this one was interesting. There are already a few „associate“ exams and I would say each one is different. The Salesforce Associate is about general knowledge, knowing some bits about reports, about community, that declarative approach is a thing. The AI Associate is all about AI, all the words about it, pretty narow focus.

The latest certification is focused on marketing and while still on the associate level (read ok for juniors) it is pretty tricky I would say.

It covers the whole spectrum of questions starting from general marketing knowledge (what is landing page and different types of marketing) to overall knowledge of the Marketing Cloud capabilities. While keeping it at high level you still need to know basically about everything – journey builder, sender/delivery profile, message classification, A/B testing, GDPR (and I’m not sure I was just lucky or the other laws aren’t covered) and the list goes on.

And that’s probably the really good part of this exam – when you’ll see people have it you know they have the wide knowledge of marketing topics. Probably not deep enough, but enough to think about all things related.

Now go and get it as well!

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