Salesforce Certified AI Associate

Dreamforce was AI focused this year, no surprise there is a certification on the topic as well. It is „associate“ certification, meaning cheaper, shorter and probably easier.

A whole trailmix is ready to prepare you, which will lead you through the difference between predictive AI (which has been here for a while) and generative AI (this year star), how to use it responsible and where is place for trust, what is the glossary. (not) surprisingly the majority of the questions are focused on ethical considerations, which says something about Salesforce approach.

While everyone wants to start using in immediately, there are things to consider. As Carl Brundage says

You might have data available but is it current, authoritative, and complete?

because personalization is fine, but if your data are not current then you might mess up a lot.

How are you getting ready for the whole AI thing? Do you have use cases you want to solve? Do you have the right data? Knowledge?

Certified AI Associate

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