Salesforce Associate Certification

The question I’ve been asked on every training this year and to which I probably have different answer than some other people. What a perfect opening for an article about a new certification Salesforce released a while ago.

Do I need certification to find a job?

And my answer is no, even though I love certifications and have plenty of them.

Actually, there are two perspective I can think of:

  • when looking for a job with client, it might be beneficial. At least in Czechia there aren’t many administrators with any certification, which will immediately give you some extra points. Also the smaller clients might not be able to evaluate your skills properly;
  • when joining partners or bigger customers, they are able to evaluate your knowledge properly and know that the practical experience is more important than a title.

Salesforce Associate – when you have no experience

That’s the moment when Salesforce brought the Associate certification, which should be your opener to the SF world. Its content is pretty interesting and shows what SF cares about – reports, data model, what is generally possible on the platform, what is around the platform (community groups, trailhead). I especially like the non-technical part, which is something even long-term admins are not aware about and used to use.

Also the certification is cheaper and shorter, which might be a great start for new joiners as a first win, which will remove a bit of uncertainty from taking additional certs.

And that’s exactly the point why I might suggest this cert as the first for any new joiner. Still not sure it should/will make a difference between hire/no-hire, but might be a great start to your new career.

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