What I missed at CzechDreamin

Organizing an event is rewarding activity, but so far (with the exception of our Rapid style in 2021) I always missed all presentations as I’ve been busy with plenty of other things and talks with people. I don’t do it with other events, but with CzechDreamin I go through all the presentation decks to check what it was about and what I missed. And there are usually plenty of great things.

So what did I miss this year (guessing based on the shared presentations, no clue what they said):

  • great opening keynote with message how important is to know when to follow best practices and when to break them;
  • Never Ask ‘Does That Make Sense?’, use rather “Am I explaining this in an understandable way or are there some questions?” – read for more details;
  • Getting Naked book;
  • don’t set just agenda for a meeting, but put WWHO as well (What, Why, How, Outcome);
How to be Successful
  • Sales process is a separate process, don’t mix it up with Operations, Keep the number of stages as limited as it’s possible, Make Opportunity created and managed easily – minimal necessary fields;
Sales Process and Object Model
  • Report & Dashboard REST API looks pretty awesome and you can add filters on the fly;
  • Effective coding approaches with Salesforce: сombining features for maximum impact was a bit over my head, but I already heard about OOP, about Metadata Relationships and how cool they might be, interesting to see Unified communication form and how it might be better then a lot of lookup fields;
  • looks like Merkle has some great automation report dashboard for Marketing Cloud;
Automation Report Dashboard for Marketing Cloud
  • actually their Journey Builder Custom Activity component looks cool as well;
  • Trio Tyrlik showed direct API integration with Pardot Marketing Account Engagement to remove the delay in sync;
  • 5 Tinder Secrets to become a Desirable Consultant! which was actually about how to make your LinkedIn profile better to get hired. Important!
5 Tinder Secrets to become a Desirable Consultant!
  • Push Upgrades: The last mile of Salesforce DevOps – I appreciate when 3rd party apps doesn’t update on its own and break something, but I really hate monitoring which I can update. Some central subscription approach from Salesforce side would be awesome;
  • Skill-Based Routing – The Complete Manual – just saving it here when I’ll need it;
  • „How Might We“ statement can get you better to the root cause, which is the right thing you want to solve;
How Might We
  • closing keynote about „We are homo APIens.“ was amazing, see the similarities;
  • 5 key ideas for robust and flexible REST API integrations with Apex – Use separation of concerns, Make everything configurable, Log every call, Handle API Failures, Build yourself a framework <- heavy but makes super sense. Also their Declarative Webhooks app looks really great, I would probably use it instead of Zapier/Make;
Why should I volunteer my time and work for free?
  • Record Triggered Flow with Scheduled Path or Schedule Triggered Flow? That’s the question for architect and I usually prefer the later one;
  • How to demo like a Salesforce Solution Engineer with tons of practical tips;
  • Revenue Cloud data model is not easy, but the whole presentation is so clean and easy to follow with some great questions;
Revenue Cloud Data Model
  • Be Kind to Your Future Admin Self – such an amazing list of tips, the talk must be even better;
  • Data Cloud is everywhere. I probably still didn’t see the pricing, just heard it is complicated, but must be fun to see it. User Group event topic?
Data Cloud implementation strategies
  • GraphQL looks like a great thing, but probably another new technology I won’t wrap my head around;
  • Restriction Rules looks like miracle solving also the troubles where object access is controlled by parent (looking at you contracts!). Plus solution to finally limit access to External Objects! „Classic must be turned off“ looks like a weird requirement, it isn’t on the database level?
  • Minimum Profile Approach looks like a plan, the different ways how to structure permission sets and permission set groups will be the main challenge, to keep the flexibility and allow maintainability;
  • Keep repeating the value of SF. In all layers of the company, Reward good behaviour, Celebrate new releases – especially the last one as one of the user adoption and change management topic is great. While I regularly blog about the new releases and send a link to such article in my regular newsletter, I almost never go directly to key people at customers with a few key changes we should adopt. Such a great opportunity for an extra work!
  • such a simple topic – dashboard components. And such a great list of information which looks obvious at first but you never digged deep enough. Plus David even published a book on this topic;
  • while I gave up on GraphQL and LWC (a long time ago), DataWeave looks like something I have to and want to learn!

A long list of notes, looks like CzechDreamin was really great event to attend. Plenty of knowledge flying around, tons of interesting people to catch up with. Check all the presentations for yourself, available freely on the web.

Will you join us next year? May 17th, 2024 at Prague we look forward to seeing you!

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