Summer ’23 Release Notes summary

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I wrote my notes a long time ago in my popular notepad, which I never save, and then restarted my computer, so everything was lost. Still had a feeling I should properly summarize, even though I’m two months late and Winter release can already be seen in GS0, here is my summary, obviously shorter than I originally planned.

  • first release with Ruth in the logo;
  • account logos being retired in Winter ’24 – a bit disappointing as it made the UI nicer, but what we can do;
  • when sharing files via public link you can set expiration date;
  • post dashboards to Slack – I really like how they push the Slack more and more, when I presented it at London’s Calling it was already a huge opportunity for Salesforce partners;
  • if you have Unlimited edition you can put images and text into dashboards (and I start to see a lot of other reasons why to upgrade to Unlimited edition);
  • Easily Manage Content with Enhanced CMS – I need to look into it in more details. At Actum we do also Sitecore, Kentico and, as I never thought about Salesforce as a CMS system I cannot really compare it, but our other divisions are interested in knowing the differences. Anyone has knowledge?
  • Set Field-Level Security for a Field on Permission Sets Instead of Profiles;
  • Align Fields Horizontally in Field Sections is interesting, because on the picture I would love to have the old behaviour, where website goes up but never realized it works like this in dynamic forms;
Salesforce Dynamic Form Fields allignment
  • Say Hello to Salutation Picklist Values in Lightning Experience <- finally after 8 years(?)!
  • Boost Productivity with Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists (Beta) is awesome as well, historically I solved it with flows and ids variable, but out of the box solution is obviously better;
  • Use DataWeave in Apex to Enable Data Transformation to Different Formats (Beta);
  • Query Five Levels of Parent-to-Child Relationships in SOQL Queries feels huge, I always wondered how to properly bulkify this thing, no need to worry anymore;
  • Get Enhanced Event Usage Metrics originally didn’t catch my attention. Till the moment customer called me with „we run out of platform events“ and I was lost, because we had no clue who started to consume them;
  • Provide More Detailed In-App Guidance with Targeted Prompts on Record Fields – probably another reason why UX person should be involved as we have the chance to use help text and now In-App Guidance on fields as well. When to choose what? Should the text be the same?
  • Field Service and Manage Follow-Up Appointments from the Field;
  • Create Quotes Without a Related Opportunity is something I still don’t understand, also curious how it will play with forecasting and what to do when opportunity should be created after a while;
  • See Prospect Engagements for the Month at a Glance shows how the Sales Engagement/High Velocity Sales gets better overtime, maybe reason to migrate to it from all those Outreach, SalesLoft and others?
See Prospect Engagements for the Month at a Glance
  • Use Einstein Conversation Insights in Different Languages still doesn’t support Czech, I’m really curious how the whole GPT thing will work with Czech for the future;
  • Get Sales Teams Started with Pipeline Inspection Fast what originally worked only in Unlimited edition somehow made it into Enterprise as well free of charge, I need to dig deeper into it;
  • Personalize Sales Emails with Einstein GPT for Sales for Unlimited edition only, but looks super cool;
  • Nail Your Meetings with Salesforce Meeting Digest another great looking thing;
Salesforce Meeting Digest
  • Control Who Can Use Organization-Wide Email Addresses drive by permission sets, finally!
  • Sales Cloud Now Includes Email Productivity Features in Professional and Enterprise Editions;
  • Log Emails Sent with the Send Email Action from flows – small step, but no need to develop it anymore. Plus the ability to use Email Templates;

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