Winter ’24 Release Notes summary

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This time I’m ahead, the new release should hit our instances at the beginning of October. And I had some time to skip through the release notes during my flight from Dreamforce, so I might not paid the most attention as I found just 26 interesting points.

  • Lobby Management in Field Service, which looks like SFS will be possible to nicely use for the in-person visits as well as it allows the receptionist to reschedule, monitor waiting time and a few other things;
  • email with details of the service appointment including calendar invite (ICS file) – small victory, but I can atest that it makes a huge difference, if I can add the meeting directly to my caledar;
  • beta version of „what’s enabled in a permission set“ looks pretty sleak and I must say that Cheryl and her team does an amazing job here;
What's Enabled in a Permission Set
  • API names for objects and fields in permission set – no more guessing which object/field it is if you have multiple with the same label;
  • Mass Quick Action on Related Lists is GA, looks like I’ll be able to drop a few flows I had to use so far;
  • User mode database operation came last release if I’m not mistaken, now you can extend it with specific permission set. I still need to think about the usecase as it smells with security issue – user cannot do something, but would they have this amazing permission set that would be possible, so give it to them (virtually) and do it – can imagine that admins will be surprised how the user achieve it later on;
  • Mobile Work Briefing – GPT needed, but looks really handy;
Mobile Work Briefing
  • Grouping same site service appointment is a feature we had to develop a few years ago to our FSL SFS accelerator, glad to see it included by default;
  • Richly Formatted Service Documents (beta);
  • Customized Tab bar for SFS mobile app – historically it basically wasn’t customizable, now there is a big change;
  • Site check-in and check-out (pilot) based on GPS – again quite common requirement to be solved OOTB;
  • Interact with NFC Tags with SFS mobile app – so far we have bar code support only, now we will move to future;
  • I still remember my first(?) Dreamforce and session how they store data, how the record ID is structured and so on. Now they have so many servers that the server representation in the ID has been extended from 2 to 3 characters (internal change, no impact);
  • Contact Home – after Pipeline Inspector we are getting similar UI experience here, which should help us to take care about up-to-date contacts‘ data;
Contact Home
  • Quick Cadences and Email Productivity Features plus Call Scripts and Email Templates – another area I need to dig deeper now as it has been included for free in the Enterprise Edition. What has historically been High Velocity Sales and Inbox is now available – with limited features – directly in Sales Cloud. That can be really cool;
  • Manager Judgments in forecating – I probably need to catch up with someone, who really does forecasting. There is the forecast coming from the opportunities, on top of that sales people can update it and not relate to specific opportunity, Einstein will give its view and now manager can update it as well. Four different numbers and I’m curious how much different they will be;
  • Supported Number, Name, and Address Formats doesn’t say much as a new feature, but I hope that it will fill in the address field in the correct way (house number after the street name). Fingers crossed;
  • Work Space tabs – no clue, are they rolling out new UI?
Work Space tabs
  • activities captured by Einstein in standard reports looks pretty cool. They still aren’t stored in SF and will disappear, but at least you will be able to report on them;
  • Inbox Mobile, Social Accounts and Contacts are being retired;
  • Custom Error Messages in Record-Triggered Flows – so far the errors thrown by flow were pretty ugly, now we will be able to make them nice;
  • restrict user access to run flows will be enforced in Winter ’25 and if I read it correctly we would really need to specify, which flows can profile/permission set run, not give a general excuse we are able to do now;
  • Einstein Service Replies – the GPT is here, upgrade to Unlimited edition and use it! It looks super cool, I must say;
  • Share Incident Updates based on a product – previously it was possible to target only contact list or case related contacts, now we can do the segmentation based on product. Makes sense;
  • and the required sender name and email to keep getting Chatter post is actually super important!

What others found?

That’s all from me – tons of new things into Field Service, some great extra functionality for Sales Cloud, where I need to find usecase for them with my customers, big work on permission sets and something for flow. Well, could be better, but we cannot wish for more during the summer and preparation for Dreamforce.

What others found?

But don’t depend on others and do your own readings, because every instance is different!

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