Nonprofit Dreamin

Salesforce’s 1-1-1 model has impact also on Salesforce partners and consultants, who want to help good things on their own as well. I already published an article what it takes to implement Salesforce to non-profit organization and now I’m happy to announce, that at the beginning of next year, there will be a whole conference dedicated to non-profits. People who work there or people who want to find more about it – Nonprofit Dreamin.

January 28 – 29, 2021

The most important part about this conference at the moment is the fact, that the call for speakers is open and you might find some great topic you want to talk about.

From my experience, get the idea what to talk about is the hardest part of the whole thing, so I tried to brainstorm some, so you can pick one of them and … who knows:

  • how CRM improved our fundraising;
  • 5 reports we use every day to better connect with donors;
  • automation – what it takes and what makes sense;
  • NPSP basics;
  • what are all the additional modules available with NPSP;
  • households and how to properly handle them;
  • 3rd party apps you should use – mailing, virtual events, workshops, swag delivery, paper letters;
  • how to manage volunteers in Salesforce;
  • is corporate fundraising the same as normal sales process;
  • marketing automation 101;
  • will we be able to use Marketing Cloud;
  • payment gateway integration;
  • is Salesforce for fundraisers only or can it use the whole organization;
  • how to manage event in Salesforce.

Plus I got a few ideas from others:

  • Helping cover the decision making gaps at Nonprofits;
  • Engaging stakeholders (particularly volunteers);
  • Managing demand when no one wants to take ownership or management is competing! What’s the next step?!
  • What I wish someone had told me about the Nonprofit sector;
  • Dealing with technical debt on budget;
  • What does the role of nonprofit Admin look like?
  • How to effectively train volunteers and part timers?
  • Can Salesforce be looked after by a volunteer?
  • When it is the right time to use the NPSP;
  • NPSP’s best hidden features;
  • How to encourage user adoption in a nonprofit;
  • Salesforce Communities or FormAssembly/FormTitan. How to decide on a suitable tool?

I would say the topic can be really focused towards those who don’t have any experience with Salesforce at all (so you are the expert, because you know how to log in), as well as those who want to help (so you are the expert again because you know what NGOs need) or those using Salesforce on daily basis (so you as a consultant might be able to broaden their horizont, but keep you session NGO focused).

Who will submit their session first? Deadline is November 7th, so do it right away!

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