Nonprofit Dreamin conference

A while ago I wrote about Nonprofit Dreamin looking for speakers, now the agenda is live and I can see some great topics there:

  • communities are for everyone, maybe you can use them even for free (for unauthenticated users) and deliver solutions with clicks not code very quickly;
  • solo admins are topic on any Salesforce conference and it is always interesting for me to see what they struggle with and where they focus;
  • Agile. I mean every project now-a-days must be agile, right? But what it really takes and how to approach it?
  • Artificial Intelligence is here, how can non-profits use it?
  • mobile – is it time to go mobile (especially if it is already included in the licence) and what might be the use cases for your people?
  • roll-ups, key data fields and dashboards – something you probably doesn’t want at the beginning of the project, but you will get to the point when you appreciate such things, here you will get some ideas.

Overall I like the fact, that there are just 16 sessions (over two days/afternoons), all of them looks super practical or eye-opening.

So, if you didn’t register yet, go for it as soon as possible, to get your ticket.

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