with Aslah Hussain

We recorded this podcast with Aslah in June, but somehow I never found the time to cut it and publish. Luckily there is a new year and new opportunities to follow-up on things you didn’t have time before.


  • even Salesforce developer can be accidental (Salesforce) developer, it isn’t just admin thing;
  • Java and JavaScript knowledge make a good start, all governor limits will surprise you;
  • juniors know that Google might have the answers but feel bad about it, but seniors know it is totally ok to Google things;
  • being a „full-stack“ developer probably makes sense;
  • being „just“ a developer is not enough, you should aim for consultant/architect knowledge as well;
  • proper tests are hard;
  • being on a small project as a junior will give you more responsibilities and probably quicker growth.

We also spoke about life at PwC, Dreamforce, CzechDreamin (call for speakers is open!), Salesforce MVPs and a few other things. All in all we had a great chat which we need to repeat one time. And maybe I can have such a great chat with someone else as well, what do you think, will you find time for me?

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