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Spring is here, which I witnessed (sadly) at mountains as it was pretty light on snow. But spring hit our Salesforce instances as well and there are some great things.

Not sure whether monthly release notes are one of them (three times a year is enough for me), but I didn’t really get the point anyway as „Features included in the January ’24 monthly release become available when Spring ’24 rolls out to your instance.“ – so will something change on monthly basis or I need to wait anyway?

  • no more downtime during release time – on Hyperforce even those 5 minutes of downtime are removed!
  • Salesforce setup is on separate domain now, ask your network admins to allow access to *.salesforce-setup.com if they block some sites;
  • Scheduler supports concurency mode – you can have a meeting with several customers at once, which might be nice in some usecases;
  • I’ve been confused what Search Manager can do a while ago, now you can add additional criterias for your users there, which will limit the search for them further down;
  • more dashboard filters – I’m sorry for all those people who are getting ready for their certifications as they will be confused by the number change (from 3 to 5, still useless in the same way);
  • change fields in report filters – minor change with huge impact, no more need to remove the field and add a new one, when you just need to change it for different field;
  • summary filters in reports looks amazing!
  • CRM Analytics dashboard in LWR sites – I wonder whether it is free of charge or I need to buy some license;
  • a new reason to migrate into Dynamic Forms – you can add fields from related objects, no more need for formula fields to achieve that!
  • Salesforce Ant reached end of life;
  • LWC – internal DOM structure will be changed – I still remember the one project, where the dev didn’t use the prepared components and rather everything coded, they will be potentially surprised (including the client);
  • LWC components to scan documents on mobile or to interact with NFC tags;
  • Null Coalescing Operator in APEX – I got used to ? and now should learn when ?? makes sense. Like it;
  • UUID generator – don’t have any usecase for it, but probably is important for others;
  • Change History pannel in Experience Builder showing who did what change and when, amazing;
  • build in support for authentication via Twitter (X) is being removed – small but important impact into the CTA board as it is very often in the scenarios;
  • plus the Twitter connector for Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) has been retired as well;
  • Document Builder for Field Service looks cool, I wonder why for quotes we still have the old and really limited PDF generator when there were so many improvements in other products. Why they don’t push it into the core?
  • Field Service Asset Attribute now takes just 0,25KB (previously the standard 2KB), which is still weird as Assets themselves doesn’t take any;
  • Pay Now and Field Service plays nicely together – and looks like Pay Now is supported in Europe, which sounds really nice;
  • looks like there is a new product called Salesforce Pricing (or Revenue Lifecycle Management) which „provide your users with a comprehensive and reliable pricing solution. Create customized price adjustment schedules, and define discounts and obtain accurate prices for your entire product portfolio. Calculate your product’s final net price by using inbuilt pricing elements in pricing procedures, and customize how you want to view your pricing data“ – that looks interesting. Is it just a new name for CPQ or as it is Generally Available it is something new?
  • Product Configurator is the same as above;
  • Seller Home – not sure I like it but as it will replace the default Home Page (if you didn’t customize it) you should at least be aware of it;
  • Salesforce Maps Lite for Unlimited edition for free but only if you aren’t on European Hyperforce 🙁
  • Lead, Account and Contact Intelligence View – I’m still not sure why it doesn’t use SLDS but there is probably a strong reason;
  • Enablement Lite – if you don’t want to pay for the full version you get this for free;
  • repeater in flow – more dynamicity into the screens;
  • Sum or Count Items in Collections More Easily with the Transform Element (Beta);
  • Migrate to a Multiple-Configuration SAML Framework looks like something important as well, time to check with customers;
  • Help Agents Predict Customer Escalations – seriously we need this feature? So agent pays more attention to these cases?
  • Enjoy a Richer Email Composer Experience & Transition to the Lightning Editor for Email Composers in Email-to-Case – enable it in setup;
  • Larger Files in Apple Messages for Business (up to 100MB), I wonder why Email-to-Case has those 20MB limit in such case;
  • Social Customer Service Starter Pack Is Being Retired in November – that’s probably the app I have installed for years and cannot find it anywhere anymore.

Not bad. I mean 644 pages, about the usual amount, but a few years back they were all dedicated to core, now they cover all the industry clouds as well. But still some progress being done, definitely something you want to read on your own and pick what is important to you. Check it out!

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