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If you don’t know this about me – I hate podcasts. The reason is, that I can read really quickly and listening to people is so slow, I cannot skim quickly through it or easily go back.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to take part in one and I participated in two of them this year already. It is a great exercise as it force you to think about things you never give proper thought.

Lightning Champions Spotlight

We originally recorded this last year in August but then found out that the quality isn’t that great and had to re-record part of it.

We spoke with Kelly about Lightning, why I love flows, how to switch to Lightning and a few other things.

I found out that it is pretty funny that I don’t think twice about enabling Lightning and I do understand that people might feel they need additional training to be able to use that.

At the same time I feel that just turn it on is not enough – people have to get a training to fully utilise it (especially with all the new things like Einstein Search) and the admin/consultant should spend some time with them to see how they work and suggest improvements. I quite often offers flow to solve some problems, such as to visualise things from multiple records at one place or to quickly create records through some wizard. At the same time I can think about Quick Actions really changing the user experience a lot.

19 minutes long story short – don’t be afraid, switch to Lightning and get to learn flow.

Whatfix webinar

My second webinar this year was with Whatfix and we talked about user adoption.

I realised it is pretty connected with the previous one and it is really connected with marketing as well. I cannot really imagine and don’t agree with the approach that company (read management) decides to implement something, phase 2 is implementation and phase 3 are happy users using it.

Frankly, to me successful user adoption starts somewhere at the beginning of the project, maybe even sooner. The communication what needs and will be done, how, what it will bring, which systems it will replace, how it will simplify work.

Because when you just adopt another system, which will not simplify anything but people have to use it … then you can have just a wet dreams about user adoptions and any „relevant“ KPIs such as number of logins or number of new records doesn’t really tell you anything about user adoption. The moment when you hear about (good) user adoption is when you hear feedback how they use it or want to use it, how it helped them to get a new project and such things. If you hear just how many hours they reported or new records they created but never really get any outcome from the info they added and also no-one else got any real outcome from it – you just wasting time of your people.

You know what? I will never use the system, I have 10 clients with multi years projects and I can name them from top of my head.

This was the feedback from one of my client and I disagreed. But … he has a point and if someone above him cannot persuade him that someone else needs the info available in the system, then he would really waste time of his people.

Long story short – don’t hope that you will solve user adoption at the end, it will be nightmare for everyone. Start right at the beginning and ask marketing how to do that.

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