User Group about Security

At the beginning of March, right before everything got closed due to COVID-19, we hosted another offline user group, our first this year.

45 people registered, 15 attended and I still didn’t really have a chat with any of them 🙁 I do something terribly wrong and need to improve it.

Anyway, this time our focus was on security and we had two great presentations. Why security? Because I realised not many people really know what is possible and we need to show them.

101 Salesforce Security & Sharing

Viliam Klamarcik covered the basics – how to secure the instance (IP addresses, login hours), object level security (licences, profiles, permission sets & groups), record security (role hierarchy, sharing rules, teams & manual sharing) and field security (page layout, field level security).

Viliam Klamarcik

8 slides only, anyone have time to check it out and think whether their security is the right in terms of what need and should be shared.

Identify Confirmations

Svatopluk Sejkora covered the importance of securing the login process. He not only spoke about the things but he showed them in real life and time, including configuration.

Svatopluk Sejkora

Single Sign-On (have you read my blog post about it?), JIT provisioning (which looks awesome but quite often there is a need to share something with new people even before their first login), 2FA & Authenticator (which is awesome and secure, but it also means that you cannot use the Login as a user feature later on :-(), oAuth 2.0 including demo of connecting with Google Drive (don’t forget to enable that permission in profile).

At the end he also had a quiz, feel free to take/reuse it.

4 pizzas team

We took it slowly, I really try to start on time, but this time there were only 5 of us so we had some extra chat and didn’t rush the thing. Pizzas came just in time before break, so we could enjoy them and we also enjoyed cake which Alča baked (have I already told how awesome co-leader she is?).

Empty and quiet

Once we finish we separated – part of us went home and part of us continued to the bowling organised by Enehano, probably the last offline event in a while.

The only remaining question is – what, when and how to do next?

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