Salesforce User Experience Designer Certification

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New kid on the block aka new pokemon (as Tomas said at CzechDreamin) aka certification which created a lot of buzz lately.

And also certification which I would say is better when learning than when passing as you can pass it with just Platform App builder experience, I would say. But maybe I was just lucky with questions.

The Salesforce UX Designer credential is intended for individuals who are aspiring or experienced designers wanting to build and design human-centered experiences on the Salesforce Platform.

The learning trailmix is pretty awesome, I passed most of the modules a while ago and really enjoyed the learning process. The last module I did was „Writing for Web Accessibility“ which is a topic I never really paid much attention to, always thought that font size, contract, image descriptions (this is a big topic as well), and right use of headings are the most important part. Surprisingly, there is more to do and suddenly I don’t know how to express myself. Are you able to describe what is where on screen when you cannot use left, right, above and below?

To maximize the experience for visually impaired users, avoid terms that require the user to physically see the layout or design of the page in order to understand the content. This includes words that refer to color, size, shape, or location to enhance comprehension. You can use these descriptors, but don’t rely solely on this type of language to be understood. 

Next great article was about charts. It is so simple to choose the right one to show your data on dashboard, right? Actually not and even though I know it before I was still surprised with all the biases we can pass just by poor choice of graph. Also reminded me of the podcast with John Demby how Tableau didn’t have a pie chart because it is against all good practices.

Surprisingly you also need to know about SLDS, where you can find details about it, and its naming conventions. I felt as half developer at this moment.

I got a few questions about contrast, font size or which research methodology to use, but surprisingly I got also more than enough about how to use path, page layouts, lightning pages and a few other things.

At the end I passed and I agree with everyone who says it is an important certification and we should push ourselves and customers to be better in this area.

Salesforce UX Experience Designer Certification

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