Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer

Strategy Designer is the new certification by Salesforce, which looks like something everyone in my social bubble is doing at the moment. The situation is similar to the UX Designer certification, obviously because the target group is pretty much the same.

Why I feel a lot of people wants to do it? It looks like an easy exam, not the deep architect stuff, it isn’t about another cloud you might not use and – finally but most importantly – this exam should be valid for everyone as it should help with every single instance.

While the UX Designer cared about the user experience, contrasts, font size and other things related to the accessibility, Strategy Designer is – to me – more about project and product management (I can hear you folks how you hate that I kind of connected project and product managers into one position).

It will ask you how to handle client’s objections, when to say yes and when to say no, how to start a new project, how to stop scope creap, what other roles you should have on a project, how to create a vision, how and when to prototype and a lot of other things.

To me this is the certification you want to take when you want to know more how to successfully run an (not just) IT project. Take the Trailmix and give it a try!

Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer

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