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Another user group, another topic. This time in English and at Deloitte’s new building.

The line up of speakers is almost finally, still waiting for one more speaker to confirm and one to provide abstract, but besides that we have general idea what it will be about.

Filip Paseka from Zonky will show us how they implemented and use Marketing Cloud, the abstract is pretty simple – only limitation is your imagination. And as Zonky is pretty cool brand I’m really looking forward to learn more how they are looking for those with money and those who need them.

Robert Gassmayr from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence will show us how they used Pardot to drive awareness before conference, catch leads at conference and do reporting after. This helped sales team to be more prepared who they should meet there and drive business further.

Zdenek Pejcel from Mooza Inspire wanted to tell us more – if I remember correctly – about campaigns, what is the difference between campaign, newsletter and journey, when to use Salesforce, when Pardot and when Marketing Cloud.

Our hope to attend secret speaker wanted to showcase Marketing Cloud/Pardot live, will see what the result will be (you know customer first).

Surprise surprise

Ok, when I’ll tell you it won’t be surprise, but we will celebrate. 10th meeting, 2nd year of activity, 248 members at Trailblazer Community Group (that’s pretty ugly number, can we round it soon?)

So there might be a surprise for everyone and maybe even some for a few special people (will do my best to select them).

Not sure this celebration makes it any special and we will make it over 100 attendees , but never say never and always expect the worst.

So how many of you will I see? And personal goal – to how many of you will I find time to speak?

Registration mandatory as always.

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