Dreamforce ’23 Summary User Group

Dreamforce, the event of the year, where not many people (from Czechia) will make it – perfect opportunity to get together, share knowledge we gained and use it as a great networking opportunity at the same time.

Standing room only at user group

Exactly that happened yesterday:

  • 6 great speakers sharing their experiences from Dreamforce;
  • 80+ registered people (plenty of them first timers, so we used the name tags this time and it was just great idea and Karina came with a great improvement for next event, that maybe people can share a bit about themselves in advance, so we can do shortlist of people we want to meet);
  • room for 40 people and due to my greatest management (obviously) we all fit there;
  • great refreshment provided by Ekat;
  • learnt something new and had a lot of great chats.

The presentations are shared on Google Drive and the following is super short summary:

  • Dreamforce was all about AI and everything will be Einstein 1 anything from now on;
  • Kris spoke about the huge size of the event, feelings from San Francisco, that you need to prepare in advance and really check the agenda;
  • Katka spoke about how to become speaker at DF, the summary, what are the different types of sessions, the outcome, the (time) investment, the benefits;
  • Alča spoke about customer experience, how to persuade your boss (and spilled the secret that myself having a 5 minutes call with the CFO will make the trick, but be prepared that it cannot be our first meeting and send me their contact details early enough :-)), why to get there, how useful the hands-on sessions are, how to survive (as an introvert) and introduced the JOMO keyword I didn’t hear before;
  • Jarda spoke about CZ market being 10 years behind US, that planning is a key, Dreamforce might be relevant employee benefit, plan time to move between locations, great idea to take customer along as they cannot escape you during the long flight and SF might give them some extra treatment plus a lot of inspiration, it is definitely marketing event, so expect a lot of visions and little tangible things;
  • Alena spoke about the non-profit and C-level person experience, how the high-level sessions gave her the confidence in the platform, how clicked together all those disconnected knowledge she had so far based on the limited resources they have as an NGO;
  • Petr jumped quickly through the fact that there are plenty of parties going on and followed-up with flow roadmap, which was probably the most valuable session at the whole Dreamforce (to me).

A lot of great chats on top of that and pub for those who stayed long enough. Next step? Christmas party (and all those other events shared in the intro presentation)!

Check out our Google Drive where all the presentations and pictures are.

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