About Dynamic Forms with Christine Marshall

Another Prague User Group in the books, this time we hosted Christine and she told us everything about Dynamic Forms, the latest cool feature from Salesforce.

As always we started with getting to know Christine better, so feel free to tune in to listen and get to know her better as well.

She has degree in literature and did a lot of different jobs before the one where they had so bad CRM that she proposed to change it and was tasked with choose the right one and implement it.

So she did, learnt everything and after a few years got here full time job as a Salesforce admin, because the daily configuration of Salesforce is the most favorite part of her job.

Crucial Salesforce feature every admin should know? Dynamic Forms and Flows are the two she can think of and especially the flow is a tricky one for her – variable, what can variable be? And these small things you probably never realised if you have just a bit of development background.

Besides SF knowledge it is also a lot about interviewing people, gathering the requirements, documenting things, empathy and feel for usability and design.

Where getting ideas for blog posts and presentations? There tons of places with ideas – release notes, LinkedIn and Trailblazer community and what people need, daily job of Salesforce Admin who need to configure things and train people – it all brings ideas what people want to learn. Just open your eyes.

Mentoring – it doesn’t take that much time at the end and it is awesome for the feeling of giving back, seeing people growth and help them asking the right questions.

And at the end we got a few tips for speakers who you want to listen to doesn’t matter what is the topic.

Dynamic Forms

See the demo first on the recording and then there is a presentation with Top 12 Questions you might have.

Dynamic Forms presentation


  • very similar to regular page layout setup;
  • no setting for tabulator, it goes down and up;
  • possibility to set sections with up to 2 columns and fields in them;
  • support for dynamically hidden fields, they are render in real time on any change;
  • hiding based on values from related record is possible but evaluated during save;
  • sections can be hidden based on rules as well, these rules are evaluated at save;
  • no multipicklist field support for setting filters (hiding fields);
  • standard page layouts are still being used for example for new record creation from a lookup field or for related lists;
  • loading page with Related lists selected as the default tab might be quicker than load Details directly;
  • there is no way while creating a field to directly add it to dynamic forms or find dynamic forms are being used for this object;
  • dynamic forms are not used on mobile.

Open questions:

  • does the Where is it used button shows dynamic forms?
  • what happens when I add one field twice and does it make any sense?
  • when it will work on standard objects? Ideas open, vote! But we spoke about some hacks you can use instead.

Check the whole recording or just the presentation.

And then you can check the Salesforce Admin blog or SalesforceBen for more information.

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