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User Experience Designer, Strategy Designer, User Interface Designer – another great new roles in the Salesforce ecosystem. I catched up with Katka to learn more about their importance for customers and projects success. Join us today for a session in English on my podcast.

Katka and myself having a chat


  • while she originally hated the idea of implementing Salesforce in their company, she felt in love, become consultant and finally found her niche in the Salesforce Designer role, for which her hobbies such as photography prepared her well;
  • Strategy Design – what you should make;
  • User eXperience Design – what could be the low hanging fruit;
  • User Interface Design – how it should look like from page layout perspective – are the fields at the right place? – and even page loading time;
  • when developing custom UI component they can prepare mock, which looks like native Salesforce component and developer can just do it;
  • why the UX Designer (and Business Analyst) role appeared after 20 years on the market? Maybe the projects grow more complex and it is fair to admit it isn’t one person job anymore;
  • feasibility (architect’s job), viability (business analyst’s and product owner’s job), desirability (designer’s job);
  • who should be first – business analyst or designer – when preparing user story? They work close together and each has a different angle;
  • copywriting is part of the job as well. No easier with ChatGPT (haha), but besides that we completely forgot to talk about how the GPT will help designers in the future, sorry;
  • when to involve them? They can provide value at any moment, if they are around from the beginning the project should be better. Surprisingly (or not) the Strategy Designer might ask even better questions than Business Analyst, because they probably are able to step back even more and see bigger picture;
  • anyone can do pretty decent designer job, just learn the principles and basis and you will deliver better solutions;
  • it is still new area, you cannot really be specialized only in one „part“ of the job, but the whole Strategy Designer – UX Designer – UI Designer combo might be needed;
  • if you are a designer AND know Salesforce you might be way more productive, because you know the limits and possibilities of the platform and fully utilize the capabilities;
  • research is an important part of the job;
  • accessibility is a big topic, sadly still not solved out of the box;
  • how to start? The Trailmix is really good and getting the cert might be great start. At the same time if you don’t have Salesforce nor designer experience, it won’t be easy, start from different angle. As always start from something smaller and gradually build on that;
  • extra resources
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