Why do I organise community group and CzechDreamin?

1000 community groups celebration

I planned this post for a while and at the end didn’t write it, as I felt nobody would be interested in. But then Salesforce celebrated 1000 community groups and asked people to share „why“. Here is my why.

I’m an introvert

Might be hard to see this, but it is true. Put me in a room full of people where I don’t know anyone and I’ll leave soon, not really that guy who start the talk.

When I learnt a while ago that the best cure is to approach speakers or organiser I solved my problem at some events. But what about the others? Let’s be on that „other“ side and people will come, we will have a great chat and I’ll be comfortable.

Guess what – it works! It works that good that I usually don’t even have time to speak with everyone I want to speak with. That’s why I really enjoyed our latest meeting with BBQ, because I had plenty of time (still didn’t have time to speak with everyone I wanted :-))

I want to learn

Eric Dreshfield said it really nicely on the video I saw at last Dreamforce (and which sadly isn’t publicly available) – I have fun, I meet people, I learn a lot and it doesn’t look like a work.

I also heard it either from Padak or Filemon – when I want to learn something, I’ll make meetup and invite people, who will explain it to me.

It also has some rules, which Padak nicely listed (in Czech) and there are companies who take meetups as a way to draw new people, which (sorry PwC) is something I try to skip as much as possible (we even don’t use PwC offices just to be sure that there is no link).

I want to show others what it is

My first community event was probably Surf Force and it was super awesome. The main reason – there were like 50 people, I was able to have a quick chat with most of them and then I met them on any other conference. I immediately had someone who I can chat with and who can introduce me further.

Dreamforce, TrailheaDX, World Tours are awesome, but all those smaller conferences are even better to me, because I’m able to absorb all those new faces.

And that’s the reason why I decided to organise CzechDreamin – to show people here, what an awesome community exist outside Czech Republic and that it is worth to travel abroad. You might start with a conference and then – before you know it – you will mix your holidays with community groups meetings in the final destination, to learn new things and meet new people. People, who will tell you even more about the country, people you’ll be able to contact in case you have a question in an area they are expert in.

I’m selfish

Never thought about that, but David Liu said that at YeurDreamin and he is right.

Giving back is the most selfish thing you can do for your career

David Liu

He spoke about things like forced learning, sense of responsibility, meeting people who will inspire you, exposure to new opportunities, became MVP, your brand and karma. And you know what? He was right, but at the same time I don’t feel that any of those things is the reason why you should do it.

Get involved

We have 4 groups in Prague, I heard that 5th is just being established. Get involved is as easy as attend one of them, ask the organiser to introduce you to a few people and before you know it you have a few new friends, which can help you on you way in Salesforce ecosystem.

We not used to high-five others or hug people, but I’m really happy that Zdenek gave me a few years ago the latest impuls and Alena joined me as co-leader, with whom I can share my bad ideas.

The thanks also goes to Aleš, Kristýna, Lukáš, Michal, Petr who help me with CzechDreamin and I hope they won’t regret at the end.

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