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Just to save all my Twitter messages from this trip. They are from newest to oldest one.

Back home – yes!

8:59 AM Mar 26th from web

Last hour in Seoul and then a few hours flight to Munich. Looking forward to be at home again.

4:43 AM Mar 25th from web

Boarded, about 10hours flight to Seoul ahead, hopefully we’ll have a dinner in the hotel there. And manage some trip to the city.

12:07 AM Mar 24th from txt

Last pancakes, packing stuff, heading to Auckland return the car and find some place to sleep and back home on Tuesday 🙁

8:23 PM Mar 22nd from web

Back in Auckland, need to sell our kayaks (don’t you want to buy one?), return car, pack everything, buy some gifts and back home

7:31 AM Mar 21st from web

Sand surfing at Te Paki is really good, would be even better with some lifts 😉 And believe me, you can get wet from it.

11:36 PM Mar 19th from txt

Diving at Poor Knights Islands – just awesome, there is a reason why Jacques Cousteau ranked it as one of the top 10 diving sites anywhere.

5:09 AM Mar 17th from txt

Tongariro crossing-we had lovely,chilly,gorgeous day exactly as our driver said.Walk was really hard but we did it.Fantastic views around.

10:04 PM Mar 14th from txt

White Island – the only active marine volcano in New Zealand and it is really nice. Maybe I should try diving there next time as well.

6:46 AM Mar 13th from web

Bit rainy here-skipped Egmont NP due to wind and cold,want to return to Tongariro NP in better weather and heading to Rotorua&White Island.

8:04 AM Mar 11th from txt

Whale watching in Kaikoura was great-saw 3 of them.Having dinner in Picton and heading to North Island at 10:30pm.South Island was awesome.

8:10 AM Mar 9th from txt

Arthur’s Pass – really nice place, windy and rainy one. The roads are really steep,Castle Hill huge and Cave Stream has awesome shapes there

11:13 PM Mar 6th from txt

Trying to upload new video – site ( blocked as it contains adult themes 🙂

9:23 PM Mar 5th from web

Having dinner (500g of schnitzel per person) waaay above Christchurche. Fantastic and really windy.

9:10 AM Mar 4th from txt

Another day at Mt Cook village-boating at the Tasman lake(gorgeous)&went to Muller Hut(astonishing views from there).Moving to Christchurche

7:40 AM Mar 3rd from txt

Successful day-lost 1 paddle(Vlada’s last),run out of gas(no pancakes for dinner),rain stopped and tomorrow should be sunny.That sounds good

8:12 AM Mar 2nd from txt

Hate when internet provider blocks some ports – sorry guys, not able to publish new content.

8:30 AM Mar 1st from web

Mt Cook – pissing the whole day, hopefully tomorrow would be better. Plan to stay here for few days, the mountains are really gorgeous

8:02 AM Mar 1st from web

Swimming with dolphins,sea lion in the middle of camp,saw yellow-eyed penguin (one of the rarest)-all of it for free in wild.Love Catlins

9:07 PM Feb 26th from txt

Saw two faces of Milford Sound (which is actually a fiord) – not sure which one I like more. Heading further south and hoping for Sun.

3:01 AM Feb 24th from txt

Survived Queenstown – the adrenaline city. Bungy jump, Sky Swing, Jet boats, Rafting, kayaking – you named it we did it

11:08 PM Feb 20th from web

Had a pizza at Queenstown – really nice city, looking forward for tomorrow to have some walk here.

6:38 AM Feb 16th from web

Rain almost whole day-at least our Spaceship is quite clean.Also found rubbish bin for all beer’s glass we had in car.Moving to Fox glacier.

7:47 AM Feb 12th from txt

Finally have some normal photos – the rain is here. As well as sand flies and they should be even worst – no way!

9:07 AM Feb 11th from web

Matakitaki river was awesome,the longest swingbridge in New Zealand fantastic,jetboat a lot of fun & jumped the Maruia Falls (no, I did not)

10:25 AM Feb 10th from txt

Enjoyed Farewell Spit with Chris from Farewell Spit Nature Experience.It was marvelous experience,probably one of the best days here so far.

10:26 PM Feb 8th from txt

Seakayaking at Abel Tasman NP was astonishing,a lot of animals around.Run out of fuel at Takaka,staying and some carnival going on here.

10:19 AM Feb 7th from txt

Going sea kayaking for two days in Abel Tasman. Weather should be fine and a lot of sea animals looking forward to see us. Exciting.

12:02 PM Feb 5th from web

Successful day – lost frying pan, got parking fine, and finally rains. Hopefully it’ll end soon, otherwise the South Island is bewitched.

3:08 AM Feb 4th from txt

We: Controlling the Moon. They: How? We: by bluetooth. They: Are you kidding us? We: No, we came with Spaceship

1:54 PM Feb 3rd from web

2am, we staying in the middle of street, notebook in hands, catching the Internet. They – drunk, going around. They: What are you doing?

1:53 PM Feb 3rd from web

In Picton, South Island, New Zealand. The first version of our movie is somehow shitty, trying to upload a new version.

11:30 AM Feb 3rd from web

Leaving Wellington to South Island. First movie has been published, see (should be there in few hours). It was successful day

6:18 AM Feb 3rd from txt

Spent day in Te Papa museum in Wellington.Wonderful experience,a lot of stuff to try. First movie is almost done, will try publish tomorrow

6:14 AM Feb 2nd from web

Ferry ordered – moving to South Island on 3 February evening.

7:19 AM Feb 1st from web

Napier-fish&chips for lunch.Three portions could easily feed the whole village and cost just 20$ (600ml drink included).And it is hot today.

5:06 AM Feb 1st from txt

Catched the Internet and have two more updates prepared. Today and Saturday, hopefully will find time to write some more.

5:46 AM Jan 29th from web

Saw sunrise from the most eastern lighthouse in the world.Spoke with older Mauri man for half a day about their traditions and ancestors.

2:57 AM Jan 29th from txt

Wai-O-Tapu – nice volcanic park,however,prefer more SOOS in Czech.Kiwi encounter full of interesting information.Now quick move to East Cape

5:52 AM Jan 28th from txt

First day on a river after about 5 years.Got out twice,did eskimo several times,not in current :(.My feets hurts-kayaks are stupid boats 😉

8:42 PM Jan 26th from txt

First night in Spaceship,got a flat tyre,warned not to sleep at public places,Tomas got his camera and having BBQ in few minutes (hopefully)

1:28 AM Jan 24th from txt

The sky is full of stars-beautiful.Spent day surfing on the beach,wonderful experience. Got sunburn everywhere.Hopefully will move tomor …

10:55 AM Jan 22nd from txt

Have been a reporter the whole day. Interesting experience but hard, I was barely able to speak (from the beginning) 🙂

8:18 AM Jan 21st from web

Kiwis are strange. Stayed home today to get fit and our host just offered me to use his car if I want to go to the city for lunch.

4:54 AM Jan 20th from web

Spent yesterday in Auckland, looking around and for camera Tomas wants. Does it sounds bad when I say it is almost like Sydney?

9:35 PM Jan 19th from web

Got to Auckland without problem,got our Spaceship car named Newt,put all stickers on it,been to Czech-Slovak party and found place to sleep.

8:57 AM Jan 18th from txt

Seoul – we are a bit confused about the time – it’s around 7am in Czech Republic but almost 3pm over here. Funny to have a breaky at 1pm

6:43 AM Jan 17th from web

Just saved 750euro for the extra baggage weight. It tooks just three hours and about 20 calls. Korean Air rocks

3:25 PM Jan 16th from txt

Just realized we are allowed to have 30kg of stuff with us. Including kayak (about 20kg). Upps, sounds like a problem.

10:32 AM Jan 13th from web

Any recommendation what’s worth seeing at New Zealand?

4:25 PM Dec 30th, 2008 from web

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