Sometimes you just cannot believe in what you see. I had the same feeling when we arrived into DunedinUkaž na mapě, quickly checked local information centre and returned back to our car. Some homeless guy came to us and we had the feeling „he wants some money“. But he did not. He just wanted to know where we are from and he knows where Czech Republic is, that we separated with Slovak and much more. He also cared a lot about the city and cleaned all the shrub around pavement from rubbish – probably never saw someone like him in Czech. After a while he gave us completely new bottle of wine he just found in the shrub.

Local railway station is pretty nice and old and in history was one of the busiest one in New Zealand. Made a few photos, but the light was just bad.

Dunedin's railway station

Cadbury World was our next stop – just couldn’t resist to see how they make the chocolate and taste some samples. You can take some chocolate beans here and taste it as well – it is pretty bitter and it is almost 100% chocolate (don’t know why „almost“ but it was there). Then we went into the factory, equiped with some hairnet and beardnet.

Cadbury World

The tour was pretty quick, full of information and samples and as they all love Australians here also with a lot of jokes on them (there were a few of them on tour). I like the last one, where they showed us how the chocolate flows, which is attraction made just for tourist. They have the chocolate there for a year, everything can fall down into it (bugs and other dirt) and after the year they make a box of chocolates from it and send it to Australia. Just a joke 🙂

They made chocolate in it in old days

I also asked about the purple color they use and found they have some legal battle with Milka about it as they got the color from Queen and should be the only one allowed to use it. Will see, maybe the Milka’s cow will change its color. It is really funny they are doing Easter eggs for half a year and then the whole nation ate them in a week and also each New Zealander eat about 10 of them (just quick check with kiwis on the tour – no one eat them).

Baldwin street was next on our programme – the steepest street on the World. And it is really pretty steep, I think about 37%. Newt made it to the top anyway (but it wasn’t really easy drive), the only car from all the other tourist’s cars there. We did it twice as we needed to take some more pictures and the road looks more like ski jump than road.

Baldwin street - not the steepest part

Speight’s brewery was our last stop in city and you can drink beer for free in front of the brewery. Which is quite good, Vlada had to try it straight away.

Drinking beer for free

We weren’t able to get in as all the tours that afternoon was full, but that was fine, Tomas & Vlada don’t like this beer anyway. BTW – that was joke there is a beer for free, just the water from which they make it is for free.

Quick trip to the peninsula, where is the Albatross‘ colony and you can see their nesting, but it really didn’t catch our attention, we saw a few of them fly over us and went back.

Is it an albatross or not?

Moeraki BouldersUkaž na mapě are short distance from Dunedin and it is really nice – probably nicer in good weather, but it was interesting anyway. Massive rock boulders (I think up to 2m in diameter) which were formed in similar way to pearl – they are formed around solid particle in their centre and the process isn’t really well understood.

Moeraki Boulders

Found some camp near by and had a potato pancake for a dinner – they were great!

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