The No Exit road

We got up early again, place next to the road isn’t perfect place for a long sleep. Didn’t have a breakfast, just hit the road again. We slowed down a bit at Morere Hot Springs to have a bath there (almost after a week), but they open at 10:00 and it was about 9:00 at the moment. Never mind, lets go. Found some nice place next to the river, ideal place for our breakfast. While we ate some dogs came and played with us, we were lucky they left us at the end.

Mahia Peninsula is our next target, there should be some nice beach for surfing. Instead we found road with No Exit sign and decided it is good idea to follow it. Met some heavy machinery on it and went there for about an hour, at the end …. you would guess.

No Exit sign

There was a gate and awesome views all around. And just another hour before us to get back. Looks like No Exit sign is true and it doesn’t matter there was the School bus router signs as well (really cannot imagine there is some child going to the school).

And there was just a gate

So it was our detour on Mahia Peninsula, we had a lunch on some nice beach, did a lot of photos and moved forward – to WairoaUkaž na mapě. Did a shopping there (including 2kg icecream, but it was in discount :-)), see the lighthouse in the city centre (Wairoa is probably the only city in the World which has a lighthouse in the city centre) from which we expected more – it was just two top storeys and despite it is made of wood it is made just from wooden bars not from the whole tree. Never mind, still nice.

Lighthouse in Wairoa

We had just 60km before us, but it took about 1,5 hours to get to the Te Urewera National ParkUkaž na mapě. And this was the place, where we had a shower after a week or so. We even did our washing, had huge dinner and started to put first video together. Long and exhausting day.

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