When we yesterday asked some guy where is city center he just started laughing – there really isn’t any. Never mind, we found the wifi spot from yesterday and did another check of our first video – st


It was short drive to Wellington, we stopped just before the city to do a voice under our first video and then directly to the city center. There we found the Te Papa museum, probably one of the best museum in New Zealand and probably one of the best I ever have been to.


It was quite quick exit from the campsite – we went a bit quicker and didn’t see the hop and as we jumped over it our reserve wheel just fall down. Looks like we didn’t properly put it back when we go

Second movie

It is here, our second video – nice shoots of gannet’s colony, a lot of beautiful nature from Coromandel Peninsula, wonderful Cathedral Cave and a lot of kayaking on Kaituna river. We want to hear you