When we yesterday asked some guy where is city center he just started laughing – there really isn’t any. Never mind, we found the wifi spot from yesterday and did another check of our first video – still bad. But we have a lot of emails from Europe, that everything is fine and it looks like all Zealanders have it bad and all others right. Strange.

It is time for some cultural experience – we chose the Edwin Fox museum, where is the ninth oldest boat on the World. She is pretty impressive and her history as well. She took a lot of people in New Zealand, was one of the best in her time and she even was a cooler boat or coal schooner. Nowdays they try to conserve her and, maybe in future, repair as well.

Edwin Fox

As we wanted to do a lunch to us we realized that frying pan is lost. Did just quick look on our breakfast place and it wasn’t there – time to buy a new and better one. We found one shop (there was just one), where they had them and bought some canopy as well. Last stop in the city was in local library, where we paid a fine for exceeding parking time. Funny, that you pay 40 cents per hour for parking, but the fine is 12$.

Time to go to the Marlborough Sounds. The Queen Charlotte road is pretty windy and it takes time to get somewhere. Finally we reached the side road to Nikau Cove camp, which is even more windy. But we made it there, put our new canopy over the car just before the rain started and cooked some special meal for dinner. Probably the first real meal today – eggs with bacon.

Marlborough Sounds in clouds

Next day we really didn’t do anything. Just went out of Marlborough Sounds to Nelson, had break for lunch just next to nice spring and finally made it to Motueka, the gate to Abel Tasman National ParkUkaž na mapě. Had a dinner on the beach, found internet (again :)) and camp in late night – we’ll be waking up early tomorrow.

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