Salesforce NGO Hackathon in Prague – April 6./7.

London’s Calling is over, SurfForce far far away, how can you be active in the community in the meantime? Come to Prague at the beginning of April for the first ever Salesforce NGO Hackathon in Czech Republic.

24 hours for delivery with a bit different approach than hackathons usually have. NGOs, which actively use Salesforce, will present their needs and developers and consultants will have 24 hours to deliver solutions.

I did a short interview with Ales Jenik, who is in the organizing team.

Why did you come with this event?

The event goal is to help non-profit organisations with Salesforce implementation, to bring fast results for them. We would like to connect Salesforce experts with NGOs to establish maybe more long-term cooperation between them. And of course this also a networking event for Salesforce community in Prague 🙂

How many NGOs do you expect?

There will be 6 – 8 non-profit organisations bringing their requirements for implementation in Salesforce.

And how many Salesforce professionals?

We expect approx. 50 people, the people from NGOs, Salesforce experts and supporters.

You will split them into teams, how big?

The implementation teams will consist of NGO representatives and 2-4 developers and configurators.

What are the typical challenges NGOs face?

Currently we have a lot of topics from NGOs, in general the organisations are looking for the additional features which can be used not only by NGO employees but also by their volunteers, external supporters and donors. Also the project management is a big topic.

What should be the level of knowledge for configurators and developers?

The event is mainly for configurators and developers with knowledge of Salesforce, but also the people who want to learn Salesforce are welcome.


Will you have some mentors on site who can be used for consultations?

The senior developers and architects will be available for support, also during the event they will provide ad-hoc reviews to provide the right way of the solutions from technical point of view.

Was any event your inspiration?

There are a lot of similar events in Prague, but not yet specially dedicated for Salesforce technology.

Would you be interested in go straight to hackathon website and sign up (at the total end of the form). The website is in Czech only, but the event will be Czech/English.

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