Queenstown – the city of adrenaline

Tuesday, our first day in the serie of days full of adrenaline. Adrenaline is also the ground for which is Queenstown famous during the whole year. In winter they have even snow here and skiing a lot and the whole city is full of people, queues everywhere and for everything. Also heard that there are so many attractions that you can do one attraction per day and after a month you’ll still have a bunch of those you didn’t try.

When we got up and took a look from window, it was really awesome. You would love to live in this house just for the view; however, it has its drawback as well. The house is pretty cold and cannot imagine how they can survive in winter. Pavel told us that in winter, when you came back from work, you’ll get into another clothes, which are similar to those snowboarders are wearing – pretty warm, because it is really cold here.

View from Pavel's and Kristyna's house

And then was time to start with our attractions. First of them were Shotover Jet, jetboat company operating in Shotover gorge, which is really nice. This boats are really powerful, with a special type of engine (which first version was development with some farmer in 1950), and are the only one in Queenstown which is able to do the full 360 degrees spin. The engines (two of them on each boat) thrusting 760 liters of water per second (cannot imagine) and they need only 10cm of water to go (sometimes we had a feeling we are going just over sand).

Shotover jet boat

We have been jetboating near Murchison, but this one is much more thrilling. The spins are nice but far to be scaring, they really go close to the rocks, sometimes the spins almost kissing the rocks and this is the moment when you are scared. As we realized later on our ride was a bit careful, Tomas had one more ride and came completely wet. And happy 🙂 They are also the first one who started filming the ride and you can buy a DVD with the film and pictures on it. Cool and we really loved it.

¨Shotover jet boat

In the afternoon we took a quick stroll through the city and it is really picturesque. There is a lot of small streets with shops and restaurants and in park they have a frisbee golf – it has roughly the same rules as normal golf but you play it with frisbee and there were a lot of people playing this game.

Queenstwon's street

And then was time for some small lunch. We went info Ferburger, where Kristyna worked, and ordered the biggest one with extra chips. She told us we won’t be able to eat it but we didn’t care and it was really huge portion. And we ate it 🙂

Our lunch

The second day was time for some bungy. Just before we had time for some coffee and quick shopping, as my trousers were really teared up. Found some in shopwindow which I liked (as usually, not able to choose from coatrack, have to see it on mannequin) and it was even in clearance sale. Fantastic.

Late in bowl

We chose the AJ Hackett Bungy company, which are in the city center and even offer a free internet for everyone (just for 30 minutes, but it is enough when you really need it), and went for different jumps with them. The first one was Ledge Sky Swing, which is the only swing in Queenstown and you can even swing it in night. The view is really nice, city underneath and the staff will help you a lot. Katka was scared and after swing told us, that she jumped just because of the girl, who gave her the strength to pull the cord and fly. As long as it looks small (just 20m ropes) it is pretty scary.

Katka at Ledge Sky Swing

Even if you don’t plan to jump it is a good idea to take the condola to the top of the hill to have the view over the city or try the ledges which are there or just walk around.

After swings we went to take a look on some rivers around but after quick look Vlada and Tomas decided not to go today. So we took at least quick swim in Kawarau river and it was freezing and refreshing. ArrowtownUkaž na mapě is old golden city near by with a nice main street full of old houses. As we came there in the evening it was quiet, no tourist and no open shops (strange). There are some walks around, but we did just quick walk through the main street and part of Chinese settlement and went to the camp.


It wasn’t easy to find the camp, but on third try we succeeded, had a dinner and took a look on the video from Sky Swing (they do a really good photos and movies as well).

Another day in Queenstown and time for another bungy, this time the Nevis Highwire Bungy, the highest in Australasia which is 134m above the Nevis river. 8,5seconds of falling. Awesome. Tomas and Vlada, who wanted to jump, were brave enough when they came to the bus, which took as there, but then their faces started (slowly) to harden. It was when the driver told us what all we need to do and how it works and that when you sit down on the chair before jump you are on cameras and should scream but must be brave, because it’ll be on the video. Also don’t say „Hi mum“ but say „Bye mum“ (funny :-)).

Our crackerjacks going to bus

And then we arrived, prepared all our equipment and was time to jump. First went Vlada (and I missed the first part of his jump :)) and then Tomas.

Nevis Highwire jump

The bungy is really interesting as they take you in cable car in the middle of valey, when they have a static cable car from which you jump. Vlada and Tomas told me after that it wasn’t that scary, you just have to jump when you’re staying on the edge. But there probably was a lot of adrenaline as they didn’t remember the last few seconds before jump, they even don’t know they was counting down before jump.

After bungy it was time for another swing – the Nevis Arc, which is quite new (from November) and you can choose you own level and select from 40, 80 or 120m long rope. You can even jump it in tandem which should be more fun. And they have a remote control here, which you can pass to your friend and they will let you fall when they want. Even Katka wanted to try this one, which really surprised me after yesterday.

Nevis Arc

This swing was a bit different from the previous one, probably due to the long rope they didn’t swing to much, but the start was really thrilling.

Last attraction in this beautiful city – kayking on the Shotover river, where you can get just with local rafting company, because the road there is really narrow. Guys went with them and it was really good with tunnel at the end after which Vlada broke his new paddle. Pitty.

Going to Shotover river

Spent few days in Queenstown and there is still much more to do – helibike, another canyon swing, flying fox, frogs, just lazzy day on some yacht, paragliding – you name it and they have it. Go for this city, it is really one of the nicest places so far.

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