Ride to Queenstown

We woke up a bit later, our party was a bit longer than we expected. Packed everything, had a short walk around nice surroundings and it was time to move. On our way to Queenstown we stopped in nearest DOC (Department of Conservation) office and had some questions. The answers were really funny.

Question: Do we need any permit when we want to have a BBQ (eg. small fire)?

Answer: short call just to be sure. Yes, basically you can have fire as you can as long as you don’t make a wildfire. If you make a wildfire you’ll fined.

Question: How is it with didymo, do we really need to clean our equipment after each river?

Answer: Well, it would be nice, but didymo is almost everywhere and you cannot really help to stop him. So, ….

Yes, it is really nice to get a clear answers.

On our way to QueenstownUkaž na mapě we went around Kawarau river and were thinking about some paddling today. Finally decided not to go and went to the city instead. As we were a bit hungry we decided to have some late lunch (or early dinner?) and all agreed we are missing pizza for some time. The city centre is pretty small and really nice and after a while we found some restaurant with special action on pizzas and give it a try. And it was really good.

Time to book some attractions for following days, do shopping and then move to Pavel’s and Kristyna’s house, where we’ll be staying for next few days. When Kristyna came from work she instantly recognized Tomas as her neighbour from Prague and it really surprised her as she already met another two neighbours here.

Had a long chat till late night and went to sleep, looking forward to tomorrow.

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