Jackson Bay

We were leaving Fox village pretty early, at least in our eyes. Heading directly to Jackson BayUkaž na mapě, which is the most southern settlement on West Coast. There is a nice walk around and Ocean Beach near by so we took a quick stroll there to see it. Not to bad, just a bit small and nothing really interesting there (or we didn’t spot anything, just a lot of nice views).

Ocean Beach

At least, when we got back we saw seal directly under the pier playing with some fish – really funny guy.


Had some coffee, checked The Cray Pot, which is the only „restaurant“ here with fresh fish and decided to go back and clean our water equipment in the ocean (hopefully it is salty enough to kill didymo). And we went further towards Queenstown. As we crossed some bridge we saw the Mt Cook on our left and took some nice photos.

Mt Cook

The way to Haas Pass is really steep, but Newt didn’t have any problem with it. Met some waterfalls on the way and finally we arrived to Young River, which we wanted to go. After quick check (it takes just about 30 minutes to get to the mounth of the river from road) we saw that it doesn’t have any water and went back to car. It was just funny to see there the box, from which you are able to call jetboat when the river raise and isn’t possible to cross it).

It was just a short way to Boundary Creek campsite, where a short while after us arrived a car with two girls, one of them asked us if we already have been to the lake. Vlada couldn’t believe his ears – it was freezing and these girls want to take a swim? When they left to the lake we had just fun on him, that they should be Czech and know someone who know him. Frankly, when they came back they exposed they are Czech and one of them even know Tomas. Funny, one the second side of this large planet and you can meet someone who knows you.

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