Fox Glacier

We earned some money today – juchu! Arrived at Fox GlacierUkaž na mapě in the morning at there weren’t any free tour for us. We also weren’t completely sure we want to go on a tour, so just jumped into the car and went to the carpark just below glacier. On the way there were several signs with dates and information, that the glacier was there at that time. At they were pretty far away. From the carpark it was another half an hour to the base of the glacier and as we went there some girl stopped us with question if we want to earn some money. Of course we want to. It was pretty easy, just attend the brainstorming about this area and what can be improved. The only problem was that it started in about an hour. So we just run to the glacier, did a few photos and run back, arrived to the hotel just in time.

Fox glacier

There was an refreshment prepared for us as well as coffee and several different juices. The brainstorming part went pretty easily with two other pairs attending. We had a lot of interesting ideas and one of them was free wifi and all the others agreed with this idea. After about hour and half everything was over, we got our money and went for another trip to the glacier, this time on the second side of the river.

The view wasn’t bad at all, but the river took our attention. In a few minutes the plan was done, moved our car to the main carpark and prepared ourselves. Another half an hour and we were under the glacier putting kayaks on the freezing river.

Putting in the river

It was almost impossible to recognize what is water, stone or ice. And it was really cold. It took about an hour to get down to the road bridge and was really nice experience, our first glacier river.

Ice rocks

After that we found the nearest campsite, jumped into hot shower and did our washing as well. Just forgot to buy some meat for barbie and had to do something else for the dinner. Long evening was before us as we wanted to use as much power as possible and download all videos into our computer, do some writting and look on photos we took.

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