How to repair broken Lotus Notes application

It happens time to time. Your disk brokes and when you restore data some of Lotus Notes files are damaged. Happend last week to one of our client and the „lucky“ application was his mail file archive. Local copy, no other backup. What can we do?

The classic combination of Fixup, Update and Compact didn’t help so we searched the internet, find some programs and give a try. The best one (at least in its demo mode) was Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery, which showed all the views and most of the documents just right with some minor rendering issues of Czech special characters. It looks like it really works, you can be sure just after you pay for the licence and the export of the data get unlocked.

Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notec Recovery, image courtesy of Stellar Data Recovery

Now we have to wait for the client, who has to say if his data are worth those 99$. Or do you have any other tips what to try or which product should work as well?

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