Your Own App in Salesforce

I feel this should be part of any customisation you do for client – create an app with objects they use. It is super simple, it the Setup find App Manager and create a new one. Here you can specify logo, name and colors, which tabs should be available on top, whether users are allowed toRead More…

Post to Chatter when new user is created

Two motivations for writing this post. The first one was customer of mine, who wanted to add a new community user to a few Chatter groups, based on some variables. The second one was Matt Brown, who wanted to post to a user Chatter feed upon joining. Both solutions are super simple, till the moment they will becomeRead More…

Salesforce a Evernote

Používáte Salesforce. Používáte Evernote. A litujete, že musíte mít dvě oddělená místa, mezi kterými přepisujete věci.

How to repair broken Lotus Notes application

It happens time to time. Your disk brokes and when you restore data some of Lotus Notes files are damaged. Happend last week to one of our client and the „lucky“ application was his mail file archive.