Heroku Architecture Designer

I had this certification on my list the moment I found about it. Which was a long time ago and I’ve been postponing and postponing and had more important things to do.

Salesforce Certified Heroku Architecture Designer

But as I finished reading of the Mastering Salesforce DevOps book (which has nothing to do with Heroku) I found the time and energy, because the DevOps process still fascinates me.

Actually the best driver to pass this exam was the article from John Tucker, which – surprise, surprise – isn’t really that much relevant for the exam (from my experience), but nicely shows what is possible. All the buildpacks, slugs, dynos, releases, continues integration, review apps. Looks AWESOME, I have no usecase for half of that, but I watched every single video on that page, even though I hate videos as much as possible.

Susannah article brought the important things to my attention and then it was matter of going through Heroku documentation, read every single article there and play a bit with what I could.

Done, certification ready, certification booked and it will start in next 10 minutes, quickly update Kryterion software, click through the test return back to a few questions and fail by one answer. Nice, great to know that I have 100 % knowledge of Heroku, but I didn’t excel in Security.

Ok, I knew which answers were wrong, refresh the knowledge and book another exam, this time the first slot was in a month period 🙁

You really should know about the difference between Common Runtime and Private Spaces, VPN connections and routing and what can communicate with what, I didn’t have probably a single question about Redis, quite a few about Postgres and one or two about Kafka. Been surprised that some things are always served from US (Data Clips, PGBackup and Logplex). Enterprise teams, SSO, logging, Heroku Connect and a few extra things.

Yeah, I really will be DevOps in my next life, all the integrations with AWS or Google, the technology looks awesome. I might create some nice data center in my backyard.

Ready, steady, go and pass, another crossed on my list. What’s next – Marketing Administrator or something from MuleSoft? Recommendations?

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