GlenorchyUkaž na mapě is small village near Queenstown and is really popular as place where to spend weekend. The road there is really nice, going around Lake Waikatipu with gorgeous sights on surrounding mountains and lake itself.

Lake Waikatipu

There is probably not to much to see in the village, you can stop in some cafe for coffee and cake as we did. And it was quite fun, as the waiter asked me if I want to warm up the cake, I said yes, he opened the microwave and take some sandwich out. Starring on it and confused and finally he remembered – this sandwich ordered someone about an hour ago. And at that moment the customer came to ask how does it look like with his sandwich and didn’t have any problem they forget about it 🙂

Coffee and dessert

A lot of tracks around and we were thinking about some shorted one, just for half a day or whole day. Got some tips such as the beginning of Routeburn Track which should be really nice and have same lakes just next to the hut but we also got warning about weather, which should get worst tomorrow. After a while we decided to do some really short walk on opposite site of the lake and went for it. The problem was, that the map wasn’t in scale, so it took about an hour to get there and the dark slowly starting. We went anyway, just to take some short swim in the lake and have a wash.

Land around lake

The water was really cold, but incredibly clean and refreshing. Had a dinner and went to sleep, hopefully the weather wouldn’t be too bad.

It wasn’t that bad second day, just a bit of rain, so we quickly packed our stuff and went to Glenorchy, hopefully fords on the way wouldn’t have too much water. We were lucky, they had about the same level of water as the day before, so we went through them quite easily. Got back to Queenstown, shopping, Beat and party – fantastic end of our stay in this beautiful city.

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