Facebook = new internet?

Facebook logo Looks like Facebook wants to be everywhere with their new functions for webpages. And is it good or is it bad?

The ability to add Like button to any web page for easier sharing with your friends, move comments to Facebook, login to any page with your Facebook login, Like box to show content from Facebook page outside Facebook, Facepile to show faces of your friends who already signed on the page, Graph API for publishing or getting information from Facebook or Open Graph protocol to add more information to the content people want to share.

Pretty impressive and also way how to make Facebook the hub of all your activities on the internet, place where you’ll find even more information about your friends than now (and of course everyone will be able to find even more information about you).

It was cool a few years ago and we all wanted to be on Facebook as it was one of a few chances how to connect with your friends all over the world. But nowdays with all the changes in security, linking and sharing information with other pages outside Facebook and many other things I’m not surprised that there is a lot of people asking how they can delete they account on Facebook and get safely out of there, till it is possible.

I found also interesting that the other authentication protocols such as OpenID, Google ID, Windows Live ID or Yahoo ID are not as visible as before. Even Microsoft with their new Docs implemented Facebook login over their traditional Live ID used it all their technologies. As far as it is only experiment at this moment it is signal of Facebook strength.

For me, as the owner of this blog, it brings the question if I should implement some of this stuff on my site. And I decided to add the Like button as well as retweet button for those using Twitter. Not sure about using the Open Graph protocol to be able to include more information when sharing pages with your friends and probably won’t include the other functionalities as login with your Facebook information to my site or see who else is reading this site (at this moment). Let me know, would you like the share and retweet buttons.

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