A few notes from UG about Marketing

It is almost three month from our „biggest so far“ user group about Marketing. This time we had the opportunity to visit new Deloitte offices at Zizkov and enjoy the awesome view from terasa. Plus tasty refreshment and as we celebrated our 10th meetup we also got a cake.

Astro cake

First speaker was Zdenek Pejcel from mooza inspire, who gave us an overview of the whole online marketing idea, why is it important, what is difference between B2B and B2C and when to select which product.

Frankly, I’ve been shocked that only 2 % of cold calls result in an appointment or that sales people on average invest 6,25 hours to set a single appointment.

Not sure where these numbers come from, but they are scary and when you see them you know, why inbound marketing might make sense, as it is more customer centric than outbound.

Zdenek Pejcel

On the other hand, everyone will tell you that you need to create a content, but probably no one will tell you how much of it. A lot! Just imagine that the communication should be personalised to everyone, that you have maybe 10 personas of your clients, that you want to send email at least once a month and do the simple calculation. You need extra person to do the writing (or hire and agency) but you need to think hard about the content.

The fact, that buyers now-a-days are 60 % through sales cycle before they get in touch with you is … awesome and terrible at the same time. It means they might never get in touch with you because they will find someone better than you even without give you a call at all, it is great because once they get in touch you already have a deal (almost).

Sales Cloud, MailChimp, Pardot, Marketing Cloud

Which one to choose? Hard question as the answer depends on you a lot.

I would say most companies are ok with the standard mass mail from Salesforce, as they just want to send some simple email (text email with minimum graphics are popular again) and they do hardly any analysis.

Marketers love Mailchimp, it is super easy to put together nice email in it, the analysis is pretty powerful one as well. Sadly the integration via the free app just sucks (unless they changed something again in last a few months) and they limit the free account more and more (and not many people want to pay). You can still switch to SmartEmailing (for which I wrote an integration, more about it in coming weeks) or Email kampaně (for which Sprinx wrote the connector). But they are both paid anyway.

Pardot is focused on B2B, is easy to set up, but lacks the whole omni-channel capability (come to CzechDreamin to find more about this).

Marketing Cloud is the whole family of products and you really need to choose the right product you need. But then you get the whole thing including social, mobile push, geo location, integration with web. And as Filip Pasek from Zonky says

Only limitation is your imagination

The second presentation was from Filip, who was responsible for CRM implementation at Zonky (PPF, P2P loans platform, fintech, startup and other nice acronyms).

Frankly, I’ve been surprised how quick the project was, how a few people was part of the team, how personalised is the communication for each recipient and how complex the whole flow is. Calls, emails, SMS, pop-ups, push to mobile, chat bots, facebook, … And they continue on their journey with Salesforce to have one CRM, integrated with Telco provider and their internal system.

Filip Paseka

I also heard the common complains – hard to test, no sandbox – and how they dealt with it, which reminded me of the great Cyril’s presentation I saw at French Touch Dreamin.

Traditional B2B company and Pardot

Robert Gassmayr told us how they used Pardot before big event. Just imagine big industrial company with sales cycle from 6 months to 2 years. I imagine papers, dinners and calls, cannot see much space for Pardot.

Well, they used it. Sent invites to the event with links to registration form for free tickets (which sounds like great incentive), which notified their sales manager that this customer will be there. Which alone is great benefits as they can prepare better for meeting with them or even propose it before the event.

Robert Gassmayr

At the event they had an app to „scan“ attendees and in a few seconds they had the whole journey of each visitor in their system for future analysis and marketing. Combined with the advertisement for the event before they got a tons of new leads and great statistics for future.

See you next time?

All presentations and some photos from this event can be found on our drive.

We will meet on September 10 to speak about fails and what we learnt from them. This meetup will be held in Czech language.

And just before the year end (December 4) we will speak about Dreamforce and have some drinks before the Christmas season will kick in. Are you going to Dreamforce and want to tell us a bit what you learnt? Still looking for speakers!

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