Taking Notes (in English)

I wrote this entry few days ago and yesterday Bruce contacted me with request to translate it into English so he can understand it as well. I translated it quite quickly so it probably has a lot of mistakes, but anyway, you can always correct me. And you can also write some comments, so I’ll know that I should post in English more often if I’ve some readers 🙂

Finally I have time to listen to all of these Taking Notes podcasts and I must admit that it is really great. By the time I started to listen to it I was surprised that I understood almost everything so I wasn’t lazzy and wrote to Bruce if they use their normal speakign pace or articulate better. Luckily, they spoke like this normally, what extended my selfconfidence a little bit.

All of these podcasts were interesting, but as I am going by time into the history I must say than some of them are more interesting. For example, Episode 39 has been about TeamStudio, which is interesting on their own, but more interesting has been talking about Meeting Assistant from Instant Technologies. This application, which is for free, enable you to write notes when you are in online meeting with screen share and nobody can see its window (which can see if you use notepad, for example). So, if you are doing webconferences regulary it could be good for you.

Episode 44 has been about Blogsphere and about it is founding, how it is developing now and what all it is able to do. For me personally was suprise that Declan, who developed it, was administrator originally and had this idea so he did it. That is amazing.

And finally episode 46 has been about products connecting world of phones with world of emails and instant messaging. Really interesting talk about all of its features and how it could work together. Part of it also mentioned Alan on his blog and he was partially interested in integration with Sametime (because he is responsible for it). Automatic receptionist who is able to switch one just on telling someones name and in case there is more people with this name provide additional hint for selection. That is amazing idea and great for big companies. Also for the small one, customers should be probably really surprise by it.

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