iPhone + iNotes = iSurprise?

This week I had the chance to check the famous iPhone connected with iNotes (via GreenHouse). And I was really surprise; however, in a negative way.

It is „just“ another version of iNotes webpages, there is no integration with iPhone integrated applications (contacts, calendar or email), which is a huge surprise for me as I cannot imagine how to use it then. Also it is mainly just email and contacts as calendar is just read only and you cannot even accept a new invitation nor create one by yourself. It cannot be even run off-line, so you must be connected all the time 🙁

So, what is all the buzz about? It is just a web and it even doesn’t support the whole functionality. Or am I missing something?

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  1. It has been well known since January this year that it would be a browser based application. I fail to see how you are surprised.
    Fact is that there are ways to integrate your Notes PIM with the iPhone, but this is not one of them. It IS, however a very good example of a  browser based application for the PDA – I think they did an excellent job with iNotes ultralite.
    We all want native integration – we just don’t have it yet.

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