Exam 755 – IBM Certified Advanced Security Professional

I tried to do this exam, because I like to be certified. But this exam is really hard (and people use a stronger names for it as well). You need to have 75% of good questions and also have 75% of good questions in each area (there are 3 different areas). I had just 72% 🙁

The true is (and I comfortable with it) that this exam is especially hard for non English speakers. I didn’t understood a lot of questions what they mean, If I understood the question I din’t understood the answers or I was thinking that the answers are for different questions. I had really trouble with it.

And either you understood the question, it should be really hard – one example for all (I’m probably not 100% exact in wording). Where in ID file is stored public key – in certificate, in password package, encrypted by private key, …. OK, I know that there is ID files, I know that the keys in these files are encrypted by my password but I wasn’t aware of internal structure of ID files – I probably should be.

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