How to read Partner forum database

Some time ago Petr Kunc wrote an article about reading Partner forum database. Don’t know if partners know about this great database, but I hope that yes. Or If you didn’t know about it (and you’re an IBM business partner) you must register at Business partner forum page and then you can replicate this database. But how you can read all the topics, which are there?

Probably the easist way (but the most hard one) is to read all of the topics. The better way is to create a view, which shows all the documents in date order and you cannot miss a topic (this way is favorite for a lot of people). Big part of people read in the same way the discussion database about version 6 – it’s just about few hundreds documents per day. Some people use the Personal Interest folder – I don’t care about it till this time but it seems really good.

Responder 3.0a

Someone use Responder 3.0a database from Thomas Gumz. It seems really nice and it should be, probably, used in different ways as well. Save FT search is way for one man – it’s probably the first time I saw that someone use the ability to save search. And me personally – I use the Send Newsletter agent with specific categories and time to time I just walk though the forum.

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