Your Own App in Salesforce

I feel this should be part of any customisation you do for client – create an app with objects they use.

It is super simple, it the Setup find App Manager and create a new one. Here you can specify logo, name and colors, which tabs should be available on top, whether users are allowed to change them or change their order and even bottom pane (utility bar) with some quick shortcuts. Nice feature is, that for each app you can specify different page layout and this way really extend how „at home“ will users feel.

Lightning App

As you don’t have all objects available on the top bar, when you need some you don’t use often you need to click on the 3×3 at top left corner (also called waffle), where you can switch to other applications you have, your community, 3rd party apps (if you have them connected with Salesforce) and choose any object you have access to.

Console App

If there is a game changer for at least half of my customers, it is console app. The main difference is, that in the normal app you by default work with one record and you can quickly switch between different objects, while in console app you typically work with multiple records at once (have them open) and you also appreciate all the details on related records.

Meaning you can „group“ open records as you define (based on their links due to lookup/master-detail fields), eg. contacts will open under account, opportunities as well, cases will be linked with contact and so on. Then when you open a contact it will on the same „tab“ open account as well and any opportunity you open for that account will be opened on the same main tab. And you can open records for several different accounts and each of them will have their own tab – no more open windows in browser, it is all one window and you can easily switch between.

And you can use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work even more!

Salesforce Console App

Plus the fact that you can use split view – on left you can see records and switch between different list view, when you click on a record it will open on the right. That might be productivity booster.

Split view

The downside is that you by default work with one object only and if you want to switch to other you need to switch the object selection (next to the app name on the top bar). Here is one small trick – if you press Ctrl while clicking on the object, it will open in new tab and in the small arrow on the tab you can select Pin, which will do the same as in browser – will pin that tab at the beginning and you can use it to have a shortcuts to your most used objects. No, you cannot set it in mass as admin, each user needs to do it.

Try and get excited as well!

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