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The agenda for CzechDreamin is fixed and you probably already bought a ticket, now looking for flights/bus/train to Prague and a good accommodation (still trying to put together some good deal for you).

It doesn’t make sense to fly just for the Thursday and we are fully aware of it, so Prague Community Groups got together and prepared full day long workshops for Friday you might be interested in. And we are still in the process to put something together for Saturday.

The workshops are paid extra, CzechDreamin attendees got discount code and shouldn’t be scare to use them 🙂 All of them are a whole day long so you cannot attend more than one, all includes refreshment during the whole day and will take place at PwC offices (Hvezdova 2c, Prague 4). If there is any extra income we will donate it to some nice non-profit (work in progress)

Interested in workshop? Check them out!

1. NPSP Day Prague

An NPSP Day is a community organized and operated event that brings together users, contributors, consultants, developers, and supporters of the open source Nonprofit Success Pack.

This event is focused on helping users better understand how to use the NPSP to be successful. Also, it isn’t non-profit specific, so individuals and power users from for-profit companies should attend as well, as most of the principles you will learn during the day can be used by everyone across the for-profit and non-profit spectrum.

The day is taken an “unconference” style, meaning that we will gather in the morning to meet and share pain points and questions, and throughout the day and afternoon, we’ll deep dive into the discussions you want to have. It’s less about presentations and more about getting the specific questions you have answered in small group discussions with experts and fellow users.

Usually the following topics are covered during the day

  • Lightning adoption
  • KPI tracking
  • automation processes (Process Builder, Flows, etc)
  • fundraising and sales best practices
  • reports and dashboard building
  • getting started with new implementation
  • user adoption
  • data import/export
  • campaign management and marketing
  • mass mailing
  • Engagement Plans and Levels
  • customizable roll-ups
  • and any question you want answered!

You can find more details about the event at and

Who will be your guide for the day

Ryan Ozimek

Ryan Ozimek – as the co-founder of PICnet and Soapbox Engage, I’m using my skills to empower organizations to „do good“. I’m constantly looking for ways in which the Internet can better serve the greater good, and more specifically the non-profit sector

2. Marketing Cloud Hack-a-thon

Full day session where beginner and experienced SFMC attendees work together to create a fully functional campaign. We have created a number of assignments that you will build with your team. Each team will show off their campaign at the end of the day and explain their approach. So everyone can learn by doing and listening to other teams.

If you just want to learn how to send an email or if you are experienced and want to experiment with Einstein predictive content, all is good! We will mix and match the teams based on experience and project preference.


  • Welcome and intro
  • Kick-off – Assignment pitch and team formation
  • Team – refinement
  • Lunch & Ask the expert sessions
  • Team – Campaign development
  • Present results

Who will be your guide for the day

Michiel van Gaalen

Michiel van Gaalen (@vongaalen, is Salesforce Marketing Cloud community group leader in the Netherlands and is an experienced online and e-mail campaign developer. He has worked in different operational, strategic and managerial roles and is owner of, a European training company specialized in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Anastasiya Penska

Anastasiya Penska is a Senior Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant. Extensive experience in the implementation of Marketing Cloud products (Marketing Cloud, DMP, Pardot, Social Studio)  across various industries. Passionate about using advanced technology for creation of 1:1 consumer interaction tactics. In private life enjoys hiking and believes that its the climb that matters as it motivates her to take on new challenges.

Ivanna Gladysh-Mirkovska (@MirkovskaG, is Salesforce B2B Marketing Automation group leader in Prague, CZ. She is passionate for martech and have deep knowledge about Pardot and Marketing Cloud. Currently works at Cognizant as Salesforce Functional Architect.

3. CI / DX Workshop

Let’s talk DX at face value. If you aren’t an ISV (that also got lucky), DX works on paper but brings real challenges to any established Salesforce practice: We are used to Orgs, not Github – that is to say, our whole processes are org-centric and that was not a problem until very recently. Neither were changesets. We also learned long ago that keeping metadata files on a hard drive is no guarantee to ever get it back into an org. It goes on: For valid reasons beyond our scope, we cannot untangle our org – no matter how beneficial a modular architecture would be. And worst of all: Admins are an integral part of every single project but is there a convenient place for admins in DX? No.

Or, is there? Can we maybe combine the benefits of continuous integration – successful deployments at any time, all changes are automatically checked for best practices like naming conventions, fully automated end-to-end tested features – with our admin’s practice? Yes, we can and the answer is maybe surprising: combine the best of both worlds – DX and changesets.

This workshop combines the perspectives and experiences of a freelancer, an SI Architect and an ISV release manager to teach you:

  • “Common tools of the trade” – Using VS Code + DX Plugin
  • Admins, Developers and DX: Co-Working / Co-Existing in Change Sets
  • Preparing Orgs for Development
  • Settings up a CI Tool Chain with End-To-End Browser Tests

Each block roughly contains 30 minutes of theory and 60 minutes of hands-on exercise.


  • you have seen a metadata file other than programmatic pieces, a layout for example or the definition of a custom object
  • basic knowledge of your own command line (linux/mac/windows): navigating file system, executing commands and scripts
  • DX CLI installed (and authenticated against a dev hub?)
  • VS Code + Salesforce Extensions installed


  • you know how to write scripts for your command line


  • for the CI part, we need to write a bit of simple bash (command line for Mac/Linux)

Who will be your guide for the day

Christian Menzinger

Christian Menzinger – Salesforce Developer & Trainer | Salesforce MVP | Salesforce Developer Group Munich Leader

Daniel Stange

Daniel Stange – 18x certified Salesforce Professional – Dreamforce & Conference Speaker – Frankfurt Salesforce User Group Leader – Pluralsight Author – Digital Native – Journalist – Wheelchair Basketball Coach – Salesforce MVP

Christian Szandor Knapp

Christian Szandor Knapp – self-taught Salesforce Afficionado, hobby chef and nerd. Writes, cooks and philosophizes since the last millennium. Trailblazer. I <3 Salesforce. Salesforce MVP

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