Windows SharePoint Services – finally upgraded

For the several last days I played with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and was surprised how nice it is and how easily it can be modified and extended. I played with version 2.0 which is part of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and after few hours with it I decided to upgrade it to last version 3.0.

The upgrade went quite well till the last phase – upgrade of WSS database. It was also at this point when everything got broken and I spent day or two with solving this problem. There is a bunch of pages with similar problems but none of them really helped me. Finally I found the tip which solved it for me as well and the solution was really easy – just uninstall everything and install it again. I got the „Wow“ effect but never mind, it worked.

Then I was surprised with the speed of database upgrade. I had almost empty database (just few documents inside) and the upgrade went for an hour and after that I just went home. But in the morning everything was done and I’m happy with version 3.0 which has a lot of new functionality.

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